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A mobile solution for management of vegetation along electric lines. It facilitates capturing specific recommendations for vegetation removal and creates work manifests for tree removal and trimming crews. The result is a streamlined process which eliminates excess vegetation removal labor and expense.


Vegetation Management Along Electric Utility Line 

Vegetation Management Optimization Cycle 


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Reduce the high cost of vegetation management

The industry’s premium mobile solution for assessing, inspecting and auditing vegetation for utilities. The result is a streamlined process that eliminates excess vegetation removal labor and expense. GSI Forester helps utility foresters identify and plan specific vegetation maintenance, notify and coordinate work with property owners or customers, and assign and audit work done by tree trimming crews. The result is an optimized work process that wrings excess spending from vegetation management budgets, which are among the largest operations costs for electric distribution utilities.

  • Control costs and improve productivity of tree crews
  • Integrate with Smallworld™ GIS or ESRI™ ArcGIS data
  • Quickly print or email work manifests and summary reports

GSI Forester Field Client

The GSI Forester Field client application can run disconnected in the field on any tablet or laptop. Processes performed by field crews such as planning, trimming, and auditing can be executed within this application. Background map data provided is viewable, searchable, and can prepopulate information to utilize data already within the system. Additionally, a drawing palette tool can add elements and work details directly to the map in the field.

GSI Forester Web Portal

The GSI Forester Web Portal allows for creating, assigning and managing data from/to the field through a customer-specific site accessible using any web browser. This tool, mainly used by system administrators and supervisors, allows for the supervision of work completed in the field. The web portal can also be used to create/edit user accounts, manage trim cycles and monitor progress in the field using project maps. All data collected by crews throughout the vegetation management process can be made actionable through real-time reporting and dashboards.

GSI System Bridge

GSI Forester has the ability to integrate with other systems using our System Bridge technology. This technology allows GSI Forester to utilize information from any number of available systems such as a GIS, WMS, CIS, County Appraisal District data, etc. This data can be used to import network elements, generate/assign work, and populate customer information.


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