designer_iconGSI Designer

A mobile solution for designing overhead and underground electric lines. It significantly reduces design time in the field through seamless integration and eliminates redundant data entry in the office.


A faster and safer way to stake electric line extensions using GPS

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icon-pdf GSI Designer Brochure

icon-pdf The Paperless Powerline Design Process

icon-pdf Automated Field Design

Seamless, paperless design
in the field

Imagine easily planning and designing overhead or underground electric lines while in the field—no more manual measuring, sketching, and re-keying.

GSI Designer significantly reduces man-hours in the field and in the office through seamless integration of information with its “trench to the office” flow.

  • Quickly capture locations of structures and cables
  • Easily add construction units and field notes
  • Designate man-hours and materials for installations, removals, and transfers

**GSI Designer is now included in the DDS base model.





Save up to 50% of time in the field for new line design.

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Quickly and accurately stake cable routes

Measure distances, elevations and angles using GPS technology

Use property boundary information for better placement of electric facilities

Field workers use GSI AssetManager in the office, in the truck and in the trench
on tablets, laptops, cell phones or Windows mobile devices.