designer_iconGSI Collector

A mobile solution for capturing the location and attribu­tion for new and existing overhead or underground network assets in the field.




GPS and Mobile Technology for Field Inventory and Inspection

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icon-pdf Paperless Asset Inspection and Inventory

Seamless, mobile asset data collection

Imagine gathering asset information at the source–in the trench–rather than transcribing notes back in the truck. Digitally add as-built facility data to a GIS, design new or existing facilities, perform walking inspections, locate underground facilities covered by snow or earth, and capture GPS locations of equipment.

A mobile solution/software product for capturing the location and attribution for new and existing overhead or underground utility facilities in the field.

  • Capture precise facility locations with simple, hand-held devices
  • Reduce material costs through an optimized design
  • Eliminate field data redundancy and errors




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