DDS IconDistribution Design Studio

A modular, comprehensive solution that improves the electric & gas utility design process by combining robust GIS/CAD rendering and editing capabilities with intuitive design and efficiency tools to streamline utility workflows, reduce design cycle times and share design information with internal and external systems (GIS, WMS).

Accommodate workflows and design objectives

Imagine maximizing your scarce design resources and making the design process as simple and efficient as possible.

Distribution Design Studio (DDS) is comprised of a robust package with built-in CAD toolsets and enhancement modules that allow electric & gas utilities to pick the functional sets that meet their design needs across the utility or for individual designers.

DDS incorporates end to end design workflows, generates necessary outputs and includes advanced engineering analysis such as; Structural Analysis, Clearance Analysis, Electrical Analysis, Cable Pulling, and Optimization.

  • Proven hard-dollar savings
    Reduction of capital expenditures for material and construction costs using design optimization
  • Engineering standards compliance
    Ensures designs conform to utilities’ standards and design rules
  • CAD tools functionality
  • Code compliance
    Ensures designs conform to legislatively mandated and industry-recognized strength and clearance requirements
  • Design efficiency
    “User Centered Design” focus, combined with full work flow and utility system integration eliminates duplication of work
  • Modular design
    Allows utilities to pick the right level of functionality for their utility or individual designers, while keeping the door open for increase capabilities down the road

With an array of design tools and process automation, this base package improves the quality and efficiency of every aspect of utility distribution system design. Working in the office or in the field on desktop, laptop, tablet or handheld computers, designers can layout overhead and underground lines and generate comprehensive construction packets without the need for redundant manual data entry between systems.

Enhancement Modules

GPS Module (included in the DDS base model) brings the power of global positioning to the utility distribution system designer. Real-world coordinates help eliminate the time and cost associated with traditional survey crews or other manual methods. By allowing designers to locate assets and design new infrastructure in the field, GPS technology saves time, increases design efficiency and improves the accuracy of the utility asset record.

Mobile Asset View adds full access to utility asset, infrastructure and land base information to Distribution Design Studio. With data from the utility’s GIS and/or mapping system seamlessly integrated into the design application, designers can create more accurate designs with greater efficiency. Mobile Asset View then updates the utility GIS/mapping system when the design is complete or as defined by the utility process.

Process Management utilizes the accessibility and ease-of-use of the Internet to optimize the utility’s distribution design process. When the utility process is loaded into this module, Process Management automatically tracks design progress and notifies users when tasks are handed off to them. By driving the electric & gas utility process and adding visibility to design status and associated design information, this module eliminates paper passing and other manual methods to reduce the overall length of the utility design process.

WMS/MMS/CIS Integration enables the use of pre-built modules that link to leading vendors of core utility systems such as Work Management (WMS), Materials Management (MMS), and Customer Information (CIS) to share like information between the systems and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Electrical Analysis Module analyzes each scenario using electrical analysis algorithms to display equipment and conductor utilization. If combined with the optimization module the analysis ensures the scenario meets the utility’s design criteria using the conductors and equipment from available standards to produce a best cost design.

Structural/Clearance Analysis Module allows users to validate their design against the structural and clearance requirements set forth by electric & gas utility standards. The ability to create profile view details, perform detailed clearance and structural analysis, as well as produce various design model views for validation is supported. All of the necessary data and properties are held in the data structure of the application, which allows the user to focus on the design layout.

Optimization Module is the only optimization tool in the industry that offers global optimization routines for all major overhead and underground electric & gas utility work types. The optimization algorithms used have provided unprecedented savings and efficiencies for numerous electric & gas utilities.

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