GSI TL-Pro streamlines design of globally optimized, lowest cost, compliant power line systems by combining 3D terrain modeling, conductor and structural analysis, materials management and reporting into one integrated solution.




Key Benefits

  • Unrivaled global optimization for least-cost design and improved auto-spotting of large, complex line designs with 64-bit power
  • Detailed 3D terrain modeling, line design, optimization, and reporting in one solution designed and supported by experts
  • Combine elevation, imagery, LiDAR, vector maps and CAD line designs into powerful 3D visualization and analysis
  • Share multiple line design visualizations with stakeholders via Google Earth
  • Straightforward interfaces for sag & tension, load trees, clearances and efficient resolution of violations

Key Features

  • Powerful 64-bit 3-D terrain modeling using rasters, TINs, imagery, filtered LiDAR, etc.
  • Auto-spotting with global optimization for least cost design using any standard structures
  • Structural analysis with industry leading, detailed Finite Element Analysis
  • Precise sag & tension calculations
  • Limit State Design capability
  • Materials reporting includes detailed parts, installation labor and accounting cost
  • Efficient, accurate standard reports and XML export for custom reports
  • Export 3D line models in KMZ, Collada, and DXF for use with Trimble SketchUp and Google Earth

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